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Service Department | Print |
In an ongoing effort to provide the most prompt quality service available we have separated our service business from our sign manufacture and installation company.

Now, the Wagner Sign Service & Lighting, LLC. (WSSL) can provide some of the best sign and parking lot lighting service available in Northern Ohio for some of the most competitive service prices. We believe that this type of strategy will continue to provide the highest quality services available at the most competitive prices possible.

We service signs for larger regional and national retail companies such as Target Stores, Burger King, Steak N Shake, numerous banks, and many others.
Special Products Division | Print |
Fiber Optic lighting provides up to 80% of the brilliance of neon in some applications. Illumination is comparable to some types of neon glass in original manufacture and installation costs but is often times more cost effective in terms of maintenance requirements depending upon the application climate and access for serviceability. Fiber Optics also has the added advantage of having no voltage at actual light source area.
Installation Department | Print |

We operate 4 to 5 installation crews daily. These crews are made up of experienced and professional union people who have been in the industry for many years. These professionals are actively pursuing advanced education through the union sponsored programs.

Our equipment consists of:

  • 93' Double-Man basket with a remote and welder;
  • One (1) extra heavy duty 100' skyhook boom truck and a remote welder;
  • One (1) heavy duty 100' skyhook boom truck with a remote welder;
  • One (1) 55' remote aerial ladder truck;
  • One (1) dump truck with back hoe / front end loader;
  • two (2) pickup trucks,
  • One (1) 28' lowboy trailers;
  • One (1) 80' regular duty skyhook boom truck and a remote welder;
  • and two (2) remote jackhammers
Neon Department | Print |
The Wagner Electric Sign Company operates a fully operational in-house neon plant. We use full-time neon benders. Our neon tube benders have a wide range of experience and qualifications to assist in the production of a myriad of applications requested by our customers.
Paint Department | Print |
Our paint department uses polyurethane and acrylic polyurethane paints to achieve our finishes. The typical paint brands used are Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane and Akzo Nobel Grip Gard and Grip Flex paints. The finishes are considered to be as hard and tough as baked enamel. The same type of paint finishes can be found on many European automobiles. This finish has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years as stated by the manufacturers.
Plastics Department | Print |
In our plastic department we operate our own Vacu-form machine which allows us to form molded faces and architectural images from various materials up to 8'-0"x 14'-0". The molds are used to create combinations of pan-faced and embossed copy sign faces and other forms of "artwork". All of our molds are made in-house in our own wood shop.
Fabrication Department | Print |
We have a modern 20,000 Square Foot manufacturing facility that has two hoists capable of lifting and transporting objects weighing up to 5 tons.

Our metal shop is fully equipped with all necessary saws, shears, breaks, welders, lifts, torches, etc. required to manufacture virtually any custom sign from beginning to end, entirely in-house. We can even completely build a 44' X 8' theatre marquee in house and transport it to the theatre completely assembled for installation.
Design/Art Department | Print |
We have the capacity to design anything from simple, single faced, cabinet wall signs all the way up to providing design, art, and sign specifications for a large institution or a large business / franchise operation. We can design whole sign systems with multiple option layouts for adaptation with various local sign codes and city zoning ordinances.



Heritage Development Company
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and The Wagner Sign Company for how you have accommodated the signage needs of Heritage Development Company.  In the nearly three years we have worked together, you and your company have always exhibited a high level of professionalism and commitment to quality which we are all too uncommon in today’s business world.