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Over the past few years we have had the great fortune of developing a very distinct and unique relationship with the Wagner Electric Sign Company.  Although there is no share of ownership or any other outside forces that artificially create this relationship it has become very valuable to both of our companies.

Through this unique relationship we have been able to establish a series of bonds and levels of assistance that have aided both companies abilities to synergistically provide an immeasurable of enhanced service to our customers.  As the largest electronic display manufacturer in the United States, that is very important to us.

On numerous occasions Daktronics has needed a company to come through and rescue a large project that may not be going as planned.  Wagner Electric Sign Company came through and assisted us with many of these including the Cleveland Indians (Jacobs Field) pitch speed electronic displays, the Columbus Crew Stadium scoreboard and associated displays, and Ohio Northern University’s Field House display.

The dependability we have found in Wagner Electric Sign Company has resulted in our utmost confidence in making numerous referrals to them when potential customers call us.  Some of these referrals amount to projects as large as the Masonic Auditorium Sign in downtown Cleveland or as small as an interior directory for a manufacturing plant.

In return, they have found our levels of product service to be some of the highest in the industry.  We are able to communicate directly with their skilled service technicians right in the field via cell phones and if we still cannot solve a more complex problem or issue, we have full-time technicians around the State of Ohio and elsewhere that can lend them a helping hand.

This exchange has also resulted in Wagner Electric Sign Company’s confidence in our ability to produce and deliver electronic displays that they can depend upon.  In the past, they have experienced difficulty in getting the service support they needed to adequately support products they have sold.  In return, we have pledged our full uncompromising support to them for any and all of our products that they distribute and install.

I really cannot say enough about Wagner Electric Sign Company’s professionalism and performance.  Although they constantly double-check our products, specifications, and performance with current industry standards, we appreciate that they desire full accountability from us in the marketplace.  If we had more relationships with companies like Wagner Electric Sign Company around this country the majority of our commercial business would be far easier to conduct and manage.

I highly recommend Wagner Electric Sign Company for any Daktronics product installation anywhere in the region.

Jeremy Johnson
Daktronics, Inc.

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Rainbow Media Holdings LLC
I write this letter in recommendation for the absolutely superb work that Wagner Sign Company did on the theater that I own in Greenport, NY.  It is a 1939 art deco theater.  We went to significant effort to develop a sign that was architecturally consistent with the building, sympathetic to the town and attractive and promotional it itself.  Foley Fiore, the architects who specialize in historic architectural design and renovation, chose Wagner Sign to help design and produce the sign.  Your work was superb in every step of the way.