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State Theatre Ohio Theatre Marquee

Located in Cleveland's historic Playhouse Square. These two marquees were manufactured and installed by Wagner Electric Sign Company years ago and provide a distinct testimony about the life and durability of our products.

In June 2001, PlayHouse Square contracted with Wagner Electric Sign Company to replace the reverse changable copy panels with electronic red LED displays.


Ohio and State Theater Marquees

State Theater Marquee by Wagner Sign Company
State Theater Marquee by Wagner Sign Company

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Daktronics, Inc.
Over the past few years we have had the great fortune of developing a very distinct and unique relationship with the Wagner Electric Sign Company.  Although there is no share of ownership or any other outside forces that artificially create this relationship it has become very valuable to both of our companies.

Through this unique relationship we have been able to establish a series of bonds and levels of assistance that have aided both companies abilities to synergistically provide an immeasurable of enhanced service to our customers.  As the largest electronic display manufacturer in the United States, that is very important to us.