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Manufacturer / Fabricator Qualifications: Manufacturer-Fabricator of marquee and upright sign construction with over twenty (20) years experience in producing-fabricating various styles of Vaudeville Era to movie house era (1900’s – 1940’s) theater and opera house marquees having manufactured from drawings an average of least three (3) overhead canopy type reproduction marquees and vertical blade signs in each successive year for the last four (4) years. Demonstrated a history of projects showing characteristics to those indicated for theatre projects ranging from late 1910’ vaudeville era through the 1940’s movie picture era, with a documented historical record of successful in-service performance, and sufficient production capacity to produce the two such marquee projects required without causing unnecessary delays in the work.

For all neon lighting installed in the field, the Wagner Electric Sign Company is capable of manufacturing UL Listed products as well as obtaining a UL Listing of a field installation of neon per UZBL specifications whenever neon is field installed. The basic standard used to investigate a system in this category is the Standard for Electric Signs: UL 48 - SKELETAL NEON SIGN AND OUTLINE LIGHTING SYSTEM, FIELD ASSEMBLED (UZLB).
UL and NEMA Compliance: All lighting fixtures and electrical components for marquee construction must be labeled and listed by UL and comply with applicable NEMA standards. Obtaining a UL Listing of a field installation of neon per UZBL specifications whenever neon is field installed is required. Refer to www.UL.com for lists of qualified UZBL neon companies.

All electrical equipment used by the Wagner Electric Sign Company can be UL Listed and all internally illuminated channel letters themselves are UL Listed and labeled and bear a sticker located out of normal from and bottom view identifying the manufacturer’s name and address. All wiring meets or exceeds locally and nationally accepted building codes including:

  1. ANSI-UL Standards: 48 – Standard of Safety for Electrical Signs,
  2. NEC Article 600 Electrical signs and Outline Lighting,
  3. International Sign Association (ISA) Neon Installation Manual for Sign and Outline Lighting.
  4. Manufacturer shall be capable of manufacturing UL Listed products as identified in UL publications.

The Wagner Electric Sign Company uses only premium quality Matthews Acrylic Polyeurothane and Akzo Nobel Grip Gard Paints. These paints are specifically designed to withstand the worst environmental conditions with minimal fading, chipping, or peeling.The Wagner Electric Sign Company advocates use of some of the most advanced materials, supplies and manufacturing methods available in today’s manufacturing and installation marketplace.

For top energy conservation, the Wagner Electric Sign Company recommends using advanced forms of lighting that include fiber optics, LED lighting, and displays, as well as energy efficient ballasts, transformers, and wiring methods.

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I-X Center Cleveland
I am very pleased with the neon concession signs your company produced for us recently.  I have had many compliments on how wonderful they look, from customers as well as staff.  I would also like to add that Mr. Scheiferstein is also very happy with the outcome of the project.

I am very impressed with the professional attitudes of everyone at Wagner’s.  I enjoyed working with you in the R & D process (the art dept. was very patient),