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Variety Theater in 1930
  The Variety Theatre was built in 1927 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   Until the early 1980s, this 1900-seat theatre hosted both movies and live performances.  Eventually, the theatre closed and was later used as a concert hall, a charter school and a boxing gym. For the last 20 years, the theatre has remained vacant. 
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Present Day before restoration
  But that's about to change: Plans are now underway to restore the Variety as a multi-use theatre showing movies, dinner theatre, children's theatre, stand-up comedy, private parties and much much more. 

The Variety Theatre is located at 11815 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland Ohio.  For more information visit the Variety Theatre website.

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Rocky River Public Library
On behalf of the Rocky River Public Library Foundation I wanted to thank you and Wagner Sign for your work with us creating the library's new illuminated exterior sign.  As a library located in a residential neighborhood we knew we faced challenges creating a sign that had the best of current illumination technology but would also blend in with our building and neighborhood character.